2019 Subrosa Complete Bikes

Posted by Ryder 01/02/2019 0 Comment(s)
We're just a few weeks into 2019, so there's no better time to announce the 2019 line of Subrosa complete bikes, distributed in Canada exclusively through Ryder Distribution.
First, if you've got a little guy or girl looking to get into BMX, Subrosa has you covered. The Altus series features bikes for beginner riders of all shapes and sizes. With a balance bike, a 12" bike, a 16" bike, and a 20" bike, the Altus series features quality builds for riders of all ages.
The Sono series features quality Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, and Rant components at an affordable price point. The Sono series is available in a 20.5" option, or an XL 21" option, because taller riders can be beginners too.
The Tiro series is for riders who aren't just looking for more from their bike, but those who are looking to throw a little bit more AT their bike. The Tiro series is not only available in 18", 20.5" and 21" size options, but it also features a freecoaster option. Stacked with quality Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, and Rant parts, the Tiro is ready for progression.
When it comes to the Salvador series, Subrosa put it best:
"The Salvador is back and better than ever! The price, combined with upgraded products and details continue to make this bike one of the highlights of the Subrosa line up.  Year after year, the Salvador gets better and provides the foundation for how far you want to take BMX."
With 20.5" and 21" options, freecoaster hub options, an option with park-specific geometry, and even a 26" option, the 2019 Salvador is a quality option that has all riding styles and interests in mind.
The 2019 Letum complete is a quality bike built for street shedding. Out of the box, you'll have a bike with a bash guard, four pegs with hub guards, and a freecoaster hub. Once you factor in geometry perfect for street riding, you have a bike made for turning your daily surroundings into endless opportunities.
The 2019 Malum complete bike is built to last. With a 100% chromoly frame, fork, and handlebars, parts from Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, and Rant, removable brake mounts, a sealed cassette hub, an option with park-specific geometry, and much more, the 2019 Malum is a top-of-the-line bike built for quality riding and progression. Plus, the 2019 Malum is also available in 22" and 26" options, perfect for taller riders looking for a quality BMX-style complete bike. Whether you're small or tall, riding street or riding transitions, the 2019 Malum series has an option for you.
Finally, it's not going to get much better than the Subrosa X Shadow Conspiracy complete bike. With a 100% chromoly 21" Subrosa frame, fork, and handlebars, the Subrosa X Shadow Conspiracy complete is quite literally stacked with Shadow Conspiracy components. Shadow Symbol sealed hubs laces to Shadow Truss rims, Shadow brake system, Shadow drivetrain, and much more, the Subrosa X Shadow Conspiracy complete is definitely ready for whatever you want to put it through. This bike does not mess around.
We're fresh into the new year, and Subrosa is ready to started 2019 the right way. We've got all styles in stock, including all sizes and colour options. Get into it, Canada. It's going to warm up eventually...