2020 Subrosa Complete Bikes

Posted by Ryder 15/10/2019 0 Comment(s)

Year in and year out, Subrosa keeps killing it. With quality parts, solid looks, and a team that keeps pushing the boundaries of BMX, Subrosa should be on everybody's radar heading into the new year. The 2020 line of Subrosa complete bikes is here.

The Altus series is for beginners of all sizes. Available as a balance bike, or as a complete in 16" or the standard 20", the Altus series features quality Subrosa builds for riders of all shapes, ages, and sizes.

The Sono series is a rarity in BMX in the sense that it comes in at a moderate price point with intermediate riders in mind, but also features an XL option for taller riders. Available in both 20.5" and 21" top tube sizes, the Sono is perfect for riders whose progression needs that little something extra.

The Tiro series picks up where the Sono series left off, and again keeps riders of all sizes in mind. Available in 18", 20.5", and a 21" XL option, the Tiro series is packed with Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, and Rant parts, all designed to handle progression.

Next up, the Salvador series features another step up in quality, with an upgrade on a number of components from the previous price points. Available in 20.5" or 21" top tube sizes, the Salvador continues to be one of the best selling bikes in the Subrosa lineup year after year. The Salvador is available as a regular complete, featuring a straight cable, as a park-style complete, featuring a gyro setup, or a freecoaster complete with, you guessed it, a freecoaster hub.

The 2020 Letum complete takes things to the next level, featuring a 20.75" top tube and a ton of Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, and Rant quality parts, including a sealed Rant Moonwalker freecoaster. The Letum comes stock with removable brake mounts, four pegs, and four hub guards, so right out of the box, this thing is ready for the streets.

The 2020 Malum complete is available with a 21" top tube, features removable brake mounts, quality parts from Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, and Rant, including a sealed Rant cassette hub, and 100% chromoly frame, fork, and handlebars. The Malum is also available as a 22" or 26" complete, making it one of the most versatile complete options on the market.

Finally, the 2020 Novus series is the cream of the crop, with influence from Subrosa team riders Mark Burnett and Simone Barraco. Both the Novus Barraco and the Novus Burnett feature 21" top tubes, a 100% chromoly frame with butted tubing, and pro-level components, including Shadow forks, rims, and sealed hubs, front and rear. Both completes feature signature products and design influence from the respective rider. The Novus is nothing less than a pro-level complete bike.


Subrosa's 2020 completes are here, and it's time to ride.